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Our Titanium, Zirconium, or Niobium composites production process is a highly controlled process, made under high pressure in a protective atmosphere. The resulting product is a homogeneous composite that you can use for various applications in knifemaking, watchmaking, or jewelry applications. Main properties of our non-ferrous composites:

Corrosion resistance - Our composites are highly corrosion resistant even when they are in a long-time contact with human skin or exposed to the most commonly available acids.

Hypoallergenic - Due to their composition, our materials are fully hypoallergenic, you can wear on various places of the human body without risk of skin irritation. 

Low weight – an important issue, especially for a long time wearable stuff. Titanium composites reach at least one-half of a steel weight (ρ = 4,5 g/cm3) even in composition with Zirconium, we get low-weight (ρ = 4,99 g/cm3).

Colors - our composites are rich in color composition you can reach by heat or electrochemical oxidation. This gives you a chance for many color combinations; however black and white is also possible when Titanium-Zirconium composite is used

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? 23,8 x 76 mm Rainbow-Nb rod - Experimental patt. - Niobium composite

? 23,8 x 76 mm Rainbow-Nb rod - Experime...

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