3.2 x 50 x 190 mm MagnaCut Core stainless damascus - Waves patt.

MagnaCut Core stainless damascus flat. 3,2 x 50 x 190 mm / 0,13 x 1,97 x 7,48 in. Linear layering - Waves pattern. 3 alloys. Two-sided perforation. Core status: A/B 100%. Soft annealed. #HardCOREfuturon
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San-Mai layered MagnaCut core stainless damascus. Crucible MagnaCut is a groundbreaking American-made powder metallurgy stainless steel for knives. An excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance makes it a great choice for small folders, choppers, or kitchen knives. Composition of outer layers - AISI304 + AEB-L steel. Soft annealed. High contrast etching. Hardenable up to 62 HRc. Marking: "FF Magna core". Hashtags: #HardcoreFuturon #FFMAGNAcore
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